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Explore east of the ISTL and enjoy the dynamic natural beauty of the Fossa Magna

Umidani Gorge, Tsukimizunoike, Yakeyama
7 hrs
Car, Walking

Notice Regarding Route Information

Tsukimizu-no-ike Geosite Umidani Gorge Geosite Yakeyama Geosite Warning! Tsukimizunoike Field guide Umidani Gorge Field guide Yakeyama Field guide A. Start: Itoigawa Station Difficulty: Intermediate. Closed in Winter! B. Umidani Sankyo Park Parking lot and campsites are available. From the observation deck you can enjoy the light greens of spring, the dark greens of summer, and the dazzling reds and yellows of autumn contrasted against the stunning cliffs of Umidani Gorge. Umidani Trail Enjoy beautiful beech forests, mountain plants, waterfalls, and the cliffs of Senjogatake and Komagatake while hiking this trail. The trail leads to the gorgeous Umidani Highlands, but for this journey, travel only as far as the Kurikoshi River Crossing. C. Tsukimizu-no-ike Pond Created as the result of a massive landslide, this small but beautiful pond is surrounded by impressive and unusual boulders, giving it an almost mystical atmosphere. The forest around the pond is filled with wild wisteria which blooms beautifully in late May. D. Echigo Hachijuhakkasho (¥200) Built 140 years ago by a local priest as a miniature version of the famous Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage, this version is comprised of stone Buddhist statues placed in a rugged forest among boulders. The stone pilgrimage site is privately owned. Before entering, it is important to obtain permission and pay a small fee to help with the maintenance. (Higuchi Masanori Tel. [HOME] 025-555-3554) E. Sasakura and Yakeyama Hot Springs Relax after a long day of hiking at one of these hot springs, located in the foothills of Mt. Yakeyama, an active volcano. Located within Yakeyama Geosite, you can also see volcanic topography and pyroclastic flow dams in the area.