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From the Alps to the Sea, a True Mountaineer’s Trail

Ranging in elevation from 0 to 3000 meters, this challenging hiking course offers an unforgettable experience

Tsugami Shindo

Notice Regarding Route Information

Warning! This is a 3-day, 2-night hiking course. While Tsugami Shindo is not a particularly technical climbing trail, it is still a challenging hike. Please prepare appropriate equipment and avoid the trail during inclement weather. Before leaving Renge Hot Springs, fill out a climbing plan and leave it at the lodge. Tsugami Shindo Geosite A. Start: Itoigawa Station Difficulty: ADVANCED. Closed in Winter! B. Renge Hot Springs & Lodge Asahidake Summit (1st Night) Enter the climbing trail from Renge Hot Springs, climb to Gorin Kogen until the summit of Mt. Asahidake. Continue down into Asahidaira and spend the night in the mountain shelter there. Tsugami Mountain Retreat (2nd Night) From Asahidake to Nagatsugayama are a number of windswept regions and snow fields along with a variety of alpine flora. In summer it becomes a paradise of color as these plants come into bloom. About 8 hours from the Asahi Shelter is Tsugami Mountain Retreat. Spend your second and final night here. Mt. Shiratoriyama A number of fossils can be found in the rocks here, particularly ammonites and other sea creatures. On the summit of Mt. Shiratoriyama is another mountain shelter that is particularly popular in the summer months. Rest a bit there before continuing down toward the sea. Sakata-toge Pass The path through Sakata-toge once serviced a gold mine in this area. At the pass is a jizo statue and an information panel. In the late 1800s, rickshaws carried geisha along this route from nearby Asahi Town and so this route came to be called the Geisha Highway. The Tsugami Shindo Trail crosses through here on its way to the Sea of Japan. Nihonmatsu-toge Pass Two jizo statues look over travelers at this pass, which was used when weather made the coastal route impassable. The cretaceous rock of Shiratoriyama becomes Oyashirazu Volcanic Rock here and the elevation is now low enough to support cedar forests. Oyashirazu After 27km, the Tsugami Shindo Trail ends here at the shore along the cliffs of Oyashirazu. Arrange a taxi to drive you the rest of the way to Oyashirazu Station. National Route 8 is not designed for pedestrian traffic; do not attempt to walk to Oyashirazu Station. C. Goal: Oyashirazu Station Tsugami Shindo  Field guide