Mini Courses (90 min ~ 6 hrs)
Kotakigawa Jade

1. Kotakigawa Jade Gorge

This course focuses on the area around Kotakigawa Jade Gorge.

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ISTL and the Salt Trail (North)

2. ISTL and the Salt Trail (North)

Explore the Salt Trail which was once used to carry salt and other marine goods.

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Downtown Itoigawa

3. Downtown Itoigawa

This course visits historic boutiques and other points of interest around Itoigawa Station.

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Itoigawa Coast and the Salt Trail (North)

4. Itoigawa Coast and the Salt Trail (North)

This course explores the creation of the Japanese Archipelago.

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6. Benten-iwa

Learn about the culture and history of the Nou Region and beautiful Benten-iwa.

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7. Hamatokuai

Observe interbeds of sandstone and mudstone, a train station built inside a mountain, terraced rice fields, and a traditional fishing village.

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Long Courses (7 hrs ~ 3 days)
Umidani and Yakeyama

5. Umidani and Yakeyama

This course, which lies just east of the Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Line, is rich in natural beauty and majestic mountainscapes.

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Shindosan and Gongendak

8. Shindosan and Gongendake

Follow the trail of the Legend of Princess Nunakawa and enjoy an onsen village on this course.

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Tsugami Shindo Course

10. Tsugami Shindo

The Tsugami Shindo Geosite is a model course in and of itself. Experience the Northern Alps on this 3-day hiking course.

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Mt. Amakazariyama Course

11. Amakazariyama

Challenge Mt. Amakazariyama, one of the “100 Famous Mountains of Japan” on this hiking course.

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