Itoigawa Geopark Buses

Explore the Itoigawa Geopark by bus

Itoigawa City Loop Line, Miyama Park & Museums Line

 The Itoigawa Bus Company runs a number of bus lines throughout Itoigawa City. Of particular interest to visitors are the Itoigawa City Loop Line and the Miyama Park & Museums Line, which stop at several of Central Itoigawa’s most popular attractions including the Hisuien Garden, Gyokusuien Garden, Tanimura Art Museum, Miyama Park and the Fossa Magna Museum.

 Each ride costs only 100 yen, making it an easy and inexpensive way to get around town!

 You can find out more by checking the back of the Itoigawa Station South Exit Walking Map!

Walking Map

【Contact Information】
Itoigawa Bus (Tel. 025-552-0180) Homepage
Kubiki Bus (Tel. 025-543-3781) Homepage

Itoigawa Seasonal Tour Bus - Geomaru Go

Geomaru Go

 Enjoy seasonally themed bus tours departing from Itoigawa Station and explore the Geopark in ways you never have before! These tours feature some of the best sights and seasonal cuisine of the region and are great for solo travelers or families!

 Please note that the guidance on these tours is currently offered in the Japanese language only, but feel free to join for the sights and foods. English language information panels are available at most stops.

 For more information about bus tours, please contact us by email.