Itoigawa&pos;s Hot Springs

Japan's incredibly active geology is without a doubt the source of a number of disasters and calamities, ranging from earthquakes and tsunamis to volcanic eruptions and devastating landslides. However, this same geology bestows a number of blessings and few of these hold as central a place in Japanese culture as the many hot spring baths, or onsen, visited every day by young and old alike.

Located along a major fault and in an area of volcanic activity, Itoigawa Geopark is home to a wealth of hot spring baths and inns. There is no better way to relax after a long day of exploring than to enjoy a soak and experience the healing properties of one of Itoigawa's many onsen.

A secluded spring at 900m in elevation and a popular basecamp
Amakazari Onsen Amakazari Lodge
Hotel Name Amakazari Onsen Amakazari Lodge
Address 1870 Kajiyama
Contact TEL. 090-9016-3212
Season Open from Mid May until Early November
Geosite 19. Amakazariyama
A traditional inn certified by the Japanese Assoc. of Secluded Hot Springs
Sasakura Onsen Ryu'unso
Hotel Name Sasakura Onsen Ryu'unso
Address 5804 Odaira
Contact TEL. 025-559-2211
FAX. 025-559-2213
Season Open All Year
Geosite 20. Yakeyama Geosite
Located within a ski resort
Shio-no-michi Onsen Hotel White Cliff
Hotel Name Shio-no-michi Onsen Hotel White Cliff
Address 151-1 Yamaguchi
Contact TEL. 025-558-2316
FAX. 025-558-2300
Season Open All Year
Geosite 12. ISTL and Salt Trail (South)
A hot spring inside a scenic country club
Yu-no-waki Onsen Odaira Yasuragikan
Hotel Name Yu-no-waki Onsen Odaira Yasuragikan
Address 1302-2 Shimamichi
Contact TEL. 025-566-5512
FAX. 025-566-5513
Season Open Mid April through November
Geosite 22. Shindosan
Enjoy 1500 liters of fresh, relaxing hot spring water every minute
Himekawa Onsen Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku
Hotel Name Himekawa Onsen Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku
Address 885-1 Otokoro
Contact TEL. 025-557-2000
FAX. 025-557-2114
Season Open All Year
Geosite 13. Himekawa Gorge
A hot spring inn nestled in the bosom of holy Mt. Gongendake
Maseguchi Onsen Taigakuso
Hotel Name Maseguchi Onsen Taigakuso
Address 1097-1 Maseguchi
Contact TEL. 025-568-2720
FAX. 025-568-2955
Season Open All Year
Geosite 23. Gongendake
A hot spring known for its deep-warming ability
Itoigawa Onsen Hotel Kunitomi Annex
Hotel Name Itoigawa Onsen Hotel Kunitomi Annex
Address 298-1 Ono
Contact TEL. 025-550-1000
FAX. 025-550-1010
Season Open All Year
Geosite 11. Himekawa Gorge via Oito Line
An inn perfect for relaxation and enjoying all four seasons
Maseguchi Onsen Yamashiroya
Hotel Name Maseguchi Onsen Yamashiroya
Address 1057-2 Maseguchi
Contact TEL. 025-568-2121
FAX. 025-568-2123
Season Open All Year
Geosite 23. Gongendake
At an elevation of 1475m, this secluded hot spring offers a dazzling view
Renge Onsen Shiroumadake Renge Onsen Lodge
Hotel Name Renge Onsen Shiroumadake Renge Onsen Lodge
Address 991 Otokoro
Contact TEL. 090-2524-7237
Season Open from Late March until Mid October
Accessible by car from Late June until Mid October
Geosite 14. Renge
Gorgeous mountain scenery and the gentle murmur of Nou River
Maseguchi Onsen Gongenso
Hotel Name Maseguchi Onsen Gongenso
Address 26-1 Tamugidaira
Contact TEL. 025-568-2201
FAX. 025-568-2136
Season Open All Year
Geosite 23. Gongendake
A hot spring inn which features a remodeled traditional farmhouse
Choja Onsen Yutorikan
Hotel Name Choja Onsen Yutorikan
Address 18778 Konoura
Contact TEL/FAX. 025-566-3485
Season Open All Year
Geosite 22. Shindosan


Name Phone Number Address
Hikozaemon 025-552-7805 2-3-12 Oshiage, Itoigawa-shi
Minshuku Hyouza 025-552-0715 2-2-13 Oshiage, Itoigawa-shi
Uogashi 025-552-6946 2-3-24 Teramachi, Itoigawa-shi
Kanzan 025-552-5321 3-1-32 Minamioshiage, Itoigawa-shi
Furuhata 025-552-1305 1-10-2 Chuo, Itoigawa-shi
Ogawa 025-552-3015 2-10-2 Yokomachi, Itoigawa-shi
Rakurakuso 025-552-7333 3-5-1 Yokomachi, Itoigawa-shi
Tatsumi Ryokan 025-552-1833 5-6-1 Yokomachi, Itoigawa-shi
Green House 025-552-8401 5-2-5 Yokomachi, Itoigawa-shi
Pension Crew 025-550-1125 1161 Yamatogawa, Itoigawa-shi
Kijima 025-558-2432 280 Gamaike, Itoigawa-shi
Takeharukan 025-567-2333 1084-1 Fujisaki, Itoigawa-shi
Oyashirazu Exchange Center Marutanbo 025-562-3002 106 Tonami, Itoigawa-shi
Kouemon 025-552-6678 48-1 Yamatogawa, Itoigawa-shi

Name Phone Number Address
Uenoya Ryokan 025-552-0519 1-4-6 Omachi, Itoigawa-shi
Shirobei 025-558-2508 578 Yamadera, Itoigawa-shi
Ryokan Tamaya 025-566-2014 2014-3 Nou, Itoigawa-shi
Ryokan Sakanakaya 025-567-2233 1766-1 Tsutsuishi, Itoigawa-shi
Minshuku Ryokan Yamagishiso 025-562-2744 2978-1 Tomi, Itoigawa-shi
Yorozuya Ryokan 025-555-2322 91-31 Aramachi, Itoigawa-shi
Nakayama Ryokan 025-566-2156 7550-119 Nou, Itoigawa-shi


Name Phone Number Address
Hotel Ebiya 025-552-0067 1-4-26 Omachi, Itoigawa-shi
Business Hotel Towa 025-552-0900 1-1-28 Omachi, Itoigawa-shi
Hotel Route Inn Itoigawa 025-553-1161 2-13-2 Yokomachi, Itoigawa-shi
Oyashirazu Kanko Hotel 025-562-3005 119-1 Ichiburi, Itoigawa-shi