Montbell Friend Area

Partners in outdoor adventure!

 Since 2011, we have been partnered with Montbell, one of Japan’s largest outdoor goods manufacturers, as a “Friend Geopark”. In addition to sharing information about Itoigawa Geopark with Montbell Club Members, Itoigawa Geopark also participates in Montbell’s Friend Fair Conventions by showcasing the experiences, foods and sights of Itoigawa.

 In addition, Montbell Club Members are eligible for discounts at many facilities within Itoigawa Geopark. Ask for more information about discounts on Geosites with a Montbell logo on their page!

Examples of participating facilities:

Amakazari Lodge Yakeyama Hot Springs Oyashirazu Pier Park
Charmant Hiuchi Ski Area Renge Lodge Tanimura Art Museum

Check on each Geosite page for
info about participating locations

※Montbell Friend Area/Geopark denotes an area with a substantial number of facilities and shops which participate in the Montbell Club program. In other words, it denotes a town, island or village which provides excellent support for outdoor enthusiasts. Montbell Club Members can enjoy an outstanding number of discounts and other benefits here in Itoigawa Geopark.

Montbell Friend Area Homepage (Japanese)

Experience Itoigawa Geopark at the Montbell Friend Fair

The Friend Fair is a special event held exclusively for Montbell Club Members each summer and autumn in Osaka and Yokohama.

Club members enjoy a lottery and jade hunting at the Itoigawa Booth.